At first I wanted an organised, stylish webpage. I kinda liked it, but what is order really? It's just a codeword for restriction. Soon enough I'd found out that the order made everything booooring. Having no particular theme to my webpage is more creative.

CLICK AROUND, who knows what shall be found?

OK, poetry is not my thing. Stop rolling your eyes.
This website is always work in progress and it's always complete at the same time.

(atm it's especially true, check the changelog to find what's up and what's 404)

I'm Sueroski, a 19-year-old guy and this is my personal webpage. Go grab some tea in case you didn't already, 'cause boy, we're gonna get comfy AS FUCK.
I like to sing, dance aaaaand... have FUN FUN FUN FUN
  • learning languages, also analysing them, comparing them and even creating them sometimes
    I study Neerlandistiek (Dutch studies), so it's obvious that I'm not normal language-wise. The second flag is the flag of Flanders, the region of Belgium where Dutch is spoken (there's also Walonnia with French and Brussels where both are used).
  • FANTASY BOOKS! That's the comfy part. Also text adventures, the crème de la crème of gaming.
  • cozy music
    Ambient, chill, drone. Not necessarily even music. Field recordings, white noise, ASMR...
  • MAGICK My understanding of the world is way too complicated to convey it here. My understanding is under construction anyway and it will always be, because I'm constantly trying to learn new things, but one thing I'm sure of is that some kind of magic certainly does exist.
  • Pale women with freckles, especially ginger-haired.
  • Winter, the coziest of seasons.
In general my interests revolve around different ways to get comfy/cozy. If not for my interest in linguistics, I'd be the laziest person alive (not really).
There are also some noteworthy things I dislike
  • Ironically I don't really like the Internet.
  • Human interaction. It's pointless nowadays. In the past people at least had their Gods and values to defend. Nowadays everyone is a nihilist, everyone is vague, everyone is a NPC. There certainly are people worth being friends with, but they're hard to find. My awkwardness doesn't make things better.
My dream journal
Maintaining it is my 2017 New Year's resolution!

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What am I currently doing?

Other than the usual stuff.

Updated: 30 XII 2016

Reading "The Golden Compass" novels. For some reason I haven't read them in my childhood, so now I'm catching up on them. The idea of daemons is pretty similar to tulpae, so it's pretty interesting.