These are the languages I know. The levels are my subjective guesses expressed in CEFR. This page is useless right now, but in the future, I'm going to publish my tricks and resources for language learning purposes as well as my thoughts on linguistics.

Polish (native)

Polski to mój język ojczysty. Nie ma potrzeby o nim pisać.

Polish is my mother tongue. No need to write about it.

English (B2/C1)

Obviously I need a good command of English to maintain a website in this language. I've been learning it in school since I was 10, but public education is known for being bad at teaching foreign languages (it's not even teachers' fault, I believe), so it's mostly me watching English shows and reading books in English.
If I were to compare English to other languages, I'd say it's a really easy language to learn, but horrendously difficult to master. The pronounciation is reasonably easy, grammar is pretty intuitive (except maybe for verb tenses and aspects), but the vocabulary is never-ending. Also, the spelling is pure gibberish, but there's some charm to it.

Dutch (A2)

Natuurlijk! Ik ben student Neerlandistiek, dus ik moet Nederlands spreken. Ik heb bijna niets geweten voor mijn studie, maar nu begrijp ik het (minstens denk ik zo) al beter dan Duits! Ik leer erg intensief. Ik heb in oktober 2016 begonnen te studeren. Ik hoop dat ik ooit vloeiend ben, omdat ik van Nederlands hou.

Of course! I am a student of Dutch studies, so I must speak Dutch. Before my studies, I had known almost nothing, but now I understand it (at least I think so) better than German! I learn very intensively. I started to study in October 2016. I hope that someday I'll be fluent, because I love Dutch.

German (A2)

Mein Deutsch ist mein größte sprachliche Misserfolg. Ich lernte ihn, seit ich 13 war, aber jetzt kann ich leider noch kaum einen fehlerfreien Satz sagen. Ich wünsche, mein Deutsch wäre besser, aber die Wahrheit ist, dass ich einfach faul war und jetzt ich keine Zeit habe. Vielleicht eines Tages.

My German is my biggest linguistic failure. I've been learning it since I was 13, but now I can still barely say a single correct sentence. I wish my German was better, but the truth is I used to be lazy and now I have no time. Maybe someday.

Japanese (A1/A2)


Hi! I've been learning Japanese since June 2016. I can only say a few things [in this language]. I think Japanese is harder than English or German. My favourite part about studying Japanese is kanji (I've already learned 500 of them). I want to read books by Haruki Murakami in Japanese. If I study diligently, someday I'll be able to read books and watch TV in Japanese.

I use: Minna no Nihongo 1&2 (some guy has complied all the vocabulary in one place here, click on Minna no Nihongo I or II), Heisig's book to learn kanji and PuniPuni for random grammar and vocabulary
All these books are easy to find online, but I'm not sure if Minna no Nihongo is suitable for self-learners. I have a tutor to explain everything to me.


I had short romances with Latin, Spanish and Modern Hebrew, but it's not really worthy of attention. If I were to use them, I'd probably survive, but I barely remember anything.
I know Toki Pona well, but it's not a real language. It's an interesting thought experiment, but that's it. No reason to brag about a language that can be learned in a week.
I also know some Esperanto. I can understand almost everything in this language, but I cannot write nor say anything. Memory is a weird thing.