Dream Journal

1 I 2016
Lots of random awakenings at night. I can only remember a few random items/words.
  • Christmas carols
  • Lazytown-themed Disneyland-kinda mall/resort (everything was indoors and there were mostly shops), I'm using the escalator to go down
  • an exhaust pipe cleaned with strong chemicals
    2 I 2016
  • I'm at Joey Graceffa's birthday. Shane Dawson is here and he calls someone "Lil' Bitch", because her name rhymes with it (I can't remember the name). We're planning to surprise Joey with our wishes "Happy birthday new year", because in the dream it was funny and made sense for some reason.
  • I'm sitting on floor in a Rossmann store (in lotus position). Apparently I'm an employee. I'm covered with a blanket and for some reason my job is to make the customers believe I'm only covered with it. In reality I'm also wearing a short-sleeved plaid shirt (it's red with dark buttons and blue with white buttons inside-out). I move a bit and some lady at checkout notices my sleeve and tells everyone.
  • I'm at some weird cafe which is split into 2 buildings and they keep telling me to switch the buildings without completing my order.
    3 I 2016 Nothing [*] I slept like 6 hours and got woken up by an alarm clock (perfect for ereasing your dream memory! ), so yeah
    4 I 2016 Nothing
    5 I 2016 Lots of weird dreams. I can only recall a hankerchief being thrown at my face.
    6 I 2016 Something about my Japanese teacher saying we can't do only online lessons and I'll have to meet her in person once in a while.
    7 I 2016 Nothing
    8 I 2016 My high-school colleague Patrycja says something about studying philosophy being superior to studying philology. I wander around some campus, lots of stairs. It resembles a building site.
    9 I 2016 Clones!
    I'm at my uni except it's way bigger. There's a wide corridor, similar to the one in my elementary school. My phonetics teacher says that I can't pass, because I missed a class.
    Somehow I discover a way to teleport from my uni to here and apparently I can't get home for some reason. I wake up there, feeling dizzy, in a some kind of resort. I looks something like this:

    The main building has a ton of bedrooms, it looks like a hotel. I wake up in a familar bed with my plushies on it, but then I get lost and can't find it again. All bedrooms look similar, but there's always something off about the plushies - most of the time their eyes are too small.
    I open a chest of drawers and find some kindergarten-aged children sleeping there. To my surprise, they don't react to me at all (but I'm sure they were alive). I also find some notebooks and photos of people similar to me, but being slightly different (e. g. one of the guys was me, but with short hair and he studied math).
    I exit the building and try to call my parents. Then it suddently gets dark, noisy and a few police cars stop by me. I sense that they're looking for me, so I try to hide behind the stone walls while talking to my parents. I start by telling them "Did I arrive home yesterday? ", they tell me I did, but I was acting really weird. They're relieved when they see me through the phone camera. I tell them I had been cloned and they're trying to replace me, I do it and fight with some secret agent at the same time (not really caring about him, rather I'm anxious about the whole cloning thing).
    10 I 2016 Nothing
    11 I 2016 Nothing
    12 I 2016 Lots of dreams, but forgot them immidately after waking up.
    13 I 2016 Nothing
    14 I 2016
  • In some secret base, getting a physical check-up. Suddently I start noticing text outside a window like "they're gonna kill you, get out" and start getting a bad feeling. To escape I have to play with a politically incorrect AI which I succeed at and start running.
  • Shitposting about Zootopia on Facebook